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Movie Theatres on Wheels!

Cinetransformers is a unique Event management agency which initiated its venture with mobile movie theatres. The concept behind this approach was to reach to the remote locations which did not had the facility of entertainment. The initiative of Cinetransformers kicking reeling buzz in the field of entertainment.


  • Mobile Movie Theatres

Cinetransformers is a patented 53 feet double expandable trailer that can be easily converted into a mobile movie theater. It hardly takes an hours’ time to erect and is fortified with modern amenities such as entrance and exit ramps, ticket booking counter, restrooms, popcorn vending machine and access for disabled and provision of AC climatizer. It is a replica of theater with seating arrangements of 91 people in one single show.


The possibility and avenues of mobile movie theater has undergone immense transformation. Now the services of Cinetransformer is been used at film festivals and it creates exciting impact on the audiences. Services of Cinetransformer has created source of income for the organizer and has proved to provide marketing and re marketing opportunities. The brand benefits from the personalized branding by customized Cinetransformers vehicles which is in transit from one location to another or at venue. The potential reach of the sponsors are enhanced by been promoted among the people and it reaches to social media channels.




With their unique approach, Cinetransformer have established themselves as prestigious brand activation agency among the list of the best event planning companies. The reputed brands have entered into collaboration with Cinetransformer to hire their exclusive services.

Mingle with Clients easily through Event Management Companies

In today’s world, there is a lot of competition that is taking place and that too especially amongst the online businesses. Everyone is participating in the struggle and wants to reach out to their targeted audience within a short time span. Thus, in this case, a mobile marketing tour is the most useful that solves many problems. The marketing tours help customers know about their products and services within a short time span. This helps businesses to get in front of the right audience. With each day passing, Mobile marketing has become a very stylish and classy way that makes it easy for you to advertise and showcase your services to the outside world. It has become one of the most ordinary forms of advertising in today’s time. Mobile marketing tours have found a new dimension globally.


Marketing is a crucial element for the businesses that are looking to establish a foothold on the lesser conquered frontiers. A lot of business owners make every possible effort to take their business reach out to great heights. These event management companies are well equipped to meet the marketing challenges confronting their clients. These agencies have a team of experts who specialize in diverse domains and have all the necessary skills to address the marketing myths of their clients. These event management companies leverage innovative technologies. These agencies try hard to ensure that their clients receive a good return on their investments. Through strategic and constructive branding campaigns, they achieve measurable results. They also employ a steadfast approach to serving their clients. In addition, a good management company will schedule and plan their budget beforehand and will make the strategy run smoothly. These event management companies take away all the stress from you. They plan and manage every detail. It gives you an opportunity to mix with clients that might help you a great in your future business projects.


Go for the best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Cinetransformer is a marketing company providing affiliate marketing programs that cater to the marketing needs of various clients. The agency designs and manufactures customized mobile marketing vehicles as per the requirement of the clients and run mobile marketing tours with an objective to bring their clients offering to the forefront. The present day mobile marketers are shifting from bringing out content to the consumer to a new model that is more interactive and helps in attracting consumers in a meaningful manner.

Why Hire A Brand Activation Agency

In the past few years, the methods by which advertising is being done has changed drastically and a growing number of business owners are now looking at novel methods to reach out to their target audience. It comes as no surprise that most new companies or even ones that have been around for a long time are now choosing to hire a brand activation agency.



While new companies stand to benefit, because even if they are not sure about how to launch a new brand or get it to the people, such an agency will handle the same. With companies that are launching or even relaunching a brand, such an agency can ensure that the appropriate amount of interest is generated. These are companies, who run with the sole intention of creating awareness about a particular brand and ensuring that the target audience knows about the same. So, the next time you see any mobile marketing trailers, you can understand that such an agency is behind it.


It is actually a great idea to reach out to the target audience by taking the product or service to them, rather than asking them to come to your store. When you make your services or products more accessible in the beginning, it would be easier to hook them onto the same and they will come back for more. So, whether you are looking to just getting your products on display or are considering setting up elaborate experiential marketing tours, and activation agency would be of great help!

Mobile Marketing Tour Gives Impetus to your Business

Marketing is the mainstay of any business entity, regardless of what they are engaged in. Unless you have a sound and feasible marketing strategy to follow up on campaigns, it will be hugely challenging for you to dictate terms on the local or global frontier due to lack of adequate exposure. Apart from this, it is equally important that you gear your marketing activities towards reaching out to the intended audience and living up to their expectations.


Latch onto Brand Activation Services


Over a period of time, traditional marketing has lost its appeal and thereby has paved the path for ground-breaking marketing avenues. These marketing avenues have changed the face of how marketing campaigns were run in the past. Additionally, these avenues have been well-received by the people from all walks of life. Moreover, it has prompted more numbers of companies to carve out a niche in brand activation services.  


Make your Presence Felt with Cinetransformer


Cinetransformer is one of the most sought-after marketing agencies. The agency offers a vast array of turnkey solutions, as per the marketing needs of their clients. Moreover, the company designs and manufactures specialty and custom vehicles for their clients after gathering requirements from them. With extensive experience of more than 20 years in tour management, we lay stress on high-impact branding and run mobile marketing tour for their reputed clients.  


More and more event management agencies continue to make their presence felt and thereby attract more business owners towards their offerings. These businesses have reaped great rewards from these services and have maximized returns on investment. 

Make Your Presence Felt with a Mobile Marketing Tour

The face of advertising has changed with the emergence of companies offering mobile marketing companies. Earlier if a company wanted to do some sort of promotion then it was usually done in the form of Print media or hoardings. But with the advent of mobile marketing this scenario has changed completely. Mobile Marketing tour is a great method not only to let people know about your brand and communicate your message with the potential customers. These existing customers will provide genuine feedback about your products and services which will be something really useful for you and your business.


What Companies focus on while running a Mobile Marketing Tour?


There are a number of companies who focus on Mobile Marketing trailers. They make sure that the marketing tour gets wrapped up in proper schedule. Also their role is to make sure that the Mobile tour brings in excellent results.


Several Components of a Successful Marketing Tour


There are various components to run a successful campaign. The type and size of the campaign as well as all the modifications that are to be done such as maintenance, staffing, etc are all part of the services supplied by a good marketing company. Some other components used by a good mobile marketing company are all about its design. The promotional strategy, the management, and analysis of the tour are all vital components of a successful marketing plan. Scheduling and planning your budget and plan beforehand will make the strategy employ smoothly.


A good mobile marketing tour is conducted in areas where the branding is low, rather it should not be conducted in places where the brand awareness is quite high. A successful marketing tour synergizes with the joint efforts of the brand and the mobile marketing company.


Why to go for an Experiential Marketing Company


Such Companies have created a huge buzz amongst businesses, ready to set themselves as a customer oriented entity in the industry. In the coming time, more and more businesses will draw up agreements with the companies which are offering integrated marketing solutions. These tours are expected to get more engaging and interactive in the near future. By this means, businesses can build brand loyalty and achieve excellent results.


These businesses have reaped great rewards and have maximized the returns on investment. A good marketing tour is all about getting in front of the right customers. But at the same time, there can be high pressure and a lot of risks involved in it. Thus one must take time and decide on for the right plan.